Hello Earthling. I founded the original futuristic brand Jeffie.com in 2012 from a Space Station circling some 250 miles above the Earth. I endeavored to inspire the people of your planet to shake free of their Earthly bonds and create their future out amongst the stars (whilst looking fabulous).

All the Jeffie.com artwork, designs and photos were original creations made by the Jeffie team in a gravity free environment (including lots of espresso and sushi). I’m inspired by the future, flying cars, teleportation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and an idea exemplified by Darth Vader ... that it's never too late to redeem your soul. One must take that leap of changing your mind and throw the Emperor down the reactor shaft of doom.

Thanks Earthlings. See you .... out there.

You can reach me in a galaxy far far away by sending an email to ilovejeffie [at] jeffie [dot] com. I’m currently traveling faster than the speed of light – while off-Earth emails have yet to reach these speeds. Elon is working on the problem.

I enjoyed my stay on your planet. It’s a beautiful place. Cya out there.

Love <3

(October 25th 2016 [Earth-based Gregorian calendar])