One - 7 - Two Thousand 14

Hey you cyborg hotties! Ashley J coming straight from the heart of LA to bring you some killer images just in time for the new year...and to mark the start of the official blog! So many cool things! If that wasn't enough, we also have a rad sale going on to feed your inner futuristic-tight pants-loving soul. So basically, any space babe gear is buy one, get one for $10 :) YEAH BABBBAYY. This includes the fierce little Construct Blue Leggings I'm wearing, as well as every style available here. So I do's a good time to shop til you drop :)

This shoot in particular was taken in a sketchy little back alley downtown. There's so many shabby chic backdrops amidst the busy streets that it really makes for the perfect picture. You have to watch your back...and camera, for hobos on the loose...but it's definitely the ideal location for shooting :)

Until we meet again!


AJ (blog bitch) ;)