Wow, I should blog more

Shouldn't I?!

Hello Earthlings! Jeffie here again. OMG it's December. I've bought most of the gifts for loved ones already, just a few more things to do. I'm sorta a procrastinator around xmas time ... but this year I decided to get ahead of it. So far so good.

How are people liking the new "made to order" thingie I have on select styles? It seems to be rockin'! I'm thinking about adding a couple more styles in to the mix for preorders. I'm also debating bringing back some of my cool shit from 2013 (i.e. Cylon / Space Suits). They will still be expensive to make ... but I get so many emails about them it makes we wanna do them again. Keep letting me know if you would buy one of these (I mean you would actually buy it, for reals). It encourages me to make it happen.

I've got a super cool collaboration in the works. I can't say too much at this point because there are some details to work out - but I'm excited more people and companies are noticing this little brand called I will share some designs the moment I won't be shot by my team for doing so ... I always get so excited to share things with you all but apparently there is something called timing and strategy. These aren't my strengths as I'm very emotional about the brand - but that's why I have a team to push me away from the mouse and keyboard. :-P

I'm so glad to be living in Seattle again. I don't miss LA/California at all. I've got my groove back in the city and I'm loving it. I wish I loved Hip-Hop / Rap, this town has so many places to go if that's your music. I'm afraid I'm an Industrial Electronic Rock dude to the core. Don't get me wrong, Biggie Smalls is the shit, but popular stuff these days ... ewww.. Makes me sound like a 30 year old. Oh crap...

Until we blog again.