We make your heart skip a beat, and your legs real fancy

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Heartbeat legs
Space Suit

Hey space babes! A ton has happened in a month! But really, as you can tell by the pics...the awesomesauce overfloweth on planet Jeffie. This month we had some killer sales to give as many earthlings the chance to nab some classic designs, as well as multiple shoots and editorials to keep your eyes satisfied! :) The first shoot is a mini photo set featuring a wardrobe must ...dun dun dun...heartbeat legz. They have been around since the beginning of the brands launch into orbit but have remained a favorite. And then of course, we did a super stylized Batman shoot to give a fresh look to the Space Suit. Pair it with statement boots or a jacket...or even a mask...and it takes on a whole new life!

Coming up in March, we have a release that many have been waiting for. Gamers be on the look out.