Edge of Tomorrow

Hello Earthlings! Wow. I come down to Earth a few times a year to watch a film. Last night I saw an early screening of Edge of Tomorrow at the TCL Chinese Theatre (in IMAX 3D, boom). All I can say again is, wow. What a film! It's very rare nowadays to experience writing, acting, cinematography and story story story all come together seamlessly. The folks who made this film did everything I want out of 2 hours of entertainment! Beautiful.

I'm hearing that some people grew weary of the repeat. Not me. This is one of the themes of the film. Imagine living. Dying. Repeating the same day. Then add on top of that an Earth at war. Whoa. It would wear on you. The editing of the film was perfect. Just when they wore you out with it all, they would transition to a little character development. Beautiful.

Well, I'm mega inspired by this epicness. I can't wait to show you what this film has inspired us to create. Until then, see this film. Like now. Possibly twice!

<3 Jeffie