The Wheel of Time Turns, and Ages Come and Pass

Hello Earthlings. Wow. What a couple of months it's been. The last release went better then I expected and the feedback to date has been super positive regarding the printing and fabric improvements I've made. This makes me smile. <3

At some point in early June I decided to move my Earth base back to Seattle. I scouted out an awesome location in downtown Seattle and then went on the hunt to find someone to move me quickly the first week of July. Turns out when you are a minimalist, like myself, movers don't like you so much. They don't make any money moving just your tiny studio apartment so they want you to wait a month so they can fill their truck. Fuck that.

If there is one thing I am not, it is a patient person. If you're gonna go somewhere, go FAST. It became quite clear to me that the way to be in Seattle the first week of July was to move my damn self. So that's what I did. I rented a truck, packed it up by myself and drove from Los Angeles to Seattle.

Let me tell you now, that is a long ass drive. 7 hours of driving on the first day, which was preceded by 5 hours of loading the truck (which I thought would only take me 2). I was about to pass out, so I pulled over in a place called Woodland California. It's just north of San Francisco / Sacramento on I-5. The motel was ..... gross .... I slept 2 feet above the covers. :)

Back on the road at 5am the next morning. I drove for 12 freaking hours in a truck with a top speed of 76 mph. Torture. I did however have great music with me. I am listening to the soundtrack from Game of Thrones, Seasons 1-4. It is some amazing shit by Ramin Djawadi. This guy is an amazing talent (Iron Man, Pacific Rim). These soundtracks are some of the best I've heard (better than Oblivion by M83 and Edge of Tomorrow by Christophe Beck, which I LOVE).

Last thing I'll say about GoT - Ramin got one of my favs, Sigur Ros, to perform "The Rains of Castamere" on the Season 4 Soundtrack. They even made a cameo during the Joffrey wedding scene (careful, spoilers).

So . . .. . . . . I'm back in Seattle. It's so good to be back. It is such a mellow place. As I type this my factory is printing samples of some new leggings I am releasing soon. I won't give any spoilers ... who am I kidding, yes I will

ttyl. <3 Jeffie