September 2014 Update

Hello Earthlings. The following is a Q/A I had with myself which you may find useful:

Q: Is Jeffie alive?!
A: Of course I'm alive.

Q: Then why is everything out of stock Jeffie?
A: Great question. I've been having some production challenges of late. The quality level did not delight me. I had to rework some things until I achieved a product I am proud of again. I have a new process now and it is looking good!

Q: Oh really?
A: Really. This is a small brand and a small company. That means working with factories in the United States can be really challenging as they only really want to talk to you if you are making thousands of things. Everything on is made in the US. That's important to me.

Q: But you have some cool new shit coming then?
A: Yes. We've showed some hints of it on IG and FB (if you haven't noticed).

Q: What about all the sold out things? Are they coming back?
A: The short answer is: yes, a few are coming back. I'm interested in a limited restock of my latest stuff but not in remaking everything I've ever made. Once I get a bit bigger and have a larger customer base, I might reconsider remaking the Cylon/Space Suit for instance. Those items are MEGA expensive to make, so it doesn't make any sense to remake them when I would only sell a handful.

If my Q/A with myself did not answer something you're dying to know, contact us.

Love, Jeffie